3 Ways corporate culture can make you look sick


How well do you feel in your job? We all know that a job causes stress can lead to sickness. But can your corporate culture influence how you look?

Throughout me working with clients and organisations, I have identified three ways that your company culture can make you look sick.

1. Values and Purpose

If you work for an organisation that has a corporate culture based on values you don’t share, it can cause significant stress. For example, you will experience stress if you value spending time with your family and you have a job that requires you to travel 80% of the time.

There is another way that values and purpose can make an impact. No career development path or if you don’t feel valued. Also a lack of management’s commitment to the values and purpose of the organisation.

2. Your corporate culture generates negativity

There is a reason why positive psychology is gaining traction. Positivity is good for you; it attracts positivity. Can you imagine working in an organisation where the energy is negative? Negativity can manifest and grow in different ways.

In his book, “Power vs Force” David R Hawkins, describes different levels of energy and he relates them to emotions. He also applies them to organisations.

At the lower end of the energy scale, you find shame, misery, guilt, and blame. You can find these characteristics in organisations (as well as individuals) that operate in a negative energy field. Towards the positive end of the scale, you find harmony, acceptance and understanding, characteristics of well-functioning companies and individuals. Beyond that, at the extreme positive end, you find peace and enlightenment.

3. Misalignment of personality and duties.

During a workshop I gave in healthcare, we measured if attendants were people focused or task focused. To my surprise, 95% of attendees registered as task focused. I had thought that most nurses would be people oriented. My reasoning is that when you become a nurse, you want to care for people. It raised a question in my mind: Is it possible that people focused individuals, through education, can become ‘task-focused’?

An article on 16personalities.com sheds some light on this. The premise of the article is that you can’t change your personality, but you can change behaviours or adopt different characteristics.

I have seen in health care that many people lacked the energy and radiance that you expect from healthy people. I believe that you can change the way a person works, but this causes stress if it is not aligned with the underlying personality.

In Conclusion

Not only does stress cause your body to go into a state of fight and flight but also directing essential energy and resources from maintaining psychical homeostasis, causes a physical imbalance. Illness and disease are often related to chronic stress, caused by negative corporate culture.