Life Coaching can be beneficial for you if...

  • You're career driven: Success has come at a price. There is no work life balance. 

    You’ve achieved a lot, but you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or too exhausted at the end of the day to take any action and you know your current life is no longer sustainable. If something doesn't change soon, you'll face a burnout.

  • You're getting older: You feel stable and comfortable. But feel something is missing.

    You’re on the cusp or in the middle of a midlife transition, and it’s causing you to question your priorities. You know you want a change, but you need help getting clear on what that future will look like

  • You're single: All your friends are moving on with partners. You feel left behind and lonely.

    Your single, and you feel overlooked. You don't think anybody ever is going to love you. You struggle with confidence. The problem is, you say, that everybody is self absorbed and shallow. The truth is you are the one limiting your self. It is time to take action

  • You're in a relationship: The relationship feels strained, but you're not ready to give up.

    Are you comfortable in your relationship? Does your partner inspire you to do better? Maybe you're no longer on the same page, and now you've decided to open up your relationship to see if it will fix things.

Regardless of who you are, or what you want to achieve, life coaching  gives you the tools, motivation, insights and accountability you need to achieve sustainable improvements in your life. The sole focus is on empowering you to discover your purpose, passion and desire.


The ultimate goal is for you to experience love, happiness, success and strength in a life that is rich with fulfilment and abundance. 


I have pioneered Neuro Pathway Mapping™ a unique approach to transformation that allows men like you to succeed in all areas of your life


The path to self-realisation goes through different phases. Each of these phases builds on the other. Phase one is the most important. This is the foundation for your growth and success. The stability of a house is its foundation. Phase one is the foundation of your ability to succeed in life. With a life coach you can accelerate your progress and your success.

Phase 1

Purpose and Mindset

  • Build the foundation for your long-term vision
  • Eliminate values and beliefs that may stop you from your desired outcomes
  • Experience small shifts in mindset and see relationships change

Phase 2

Skills development

  • Take the right action. Enjoy quick wins
  • Stay focused on outcomes
  • Be accountable for your actions
  • Develop the tools for sustainable growth and success

Phase 3


  • Act as a powerful communicator and influencer using improved interpersonal skills
  • Focus on self-care, creative thinking, emotional intelligence
  • Build new relationships

Phase 4

Lasting Change

  • Implement key strategies towards creating your life of living with purpose
  • Stay focussed on your  long-term vision
  • Maintain Momentum
  • Welcome the opportunities for love and success


(Results vary, they are dependent on the input and desired outcomes of each individual)

Purpose and Direction

With focus and direction in life you can start to see dramatic results instantly and with transformational changes within the next 6 months.

A role model and leader

New strategies help you discover your unique strengths, abilities and increased levels of confidence. Remove limiting beliefs and build on your skills to persuade, inspire and connect with others.

Improved health and wellbeing

Less stress and more life-energy, means your body can heal and recover quicker. Commit yourself to long-term and lasting results. Practice self-care and start living authentically and with purpose.

Be the master of your destiny

Expect changes rapidly. New knowledge, understanding and self awareness lets you tap into your inner strengths and find the resources to flourish in the face of life’s challenges and unexpected turns.

Improved relationships

Without the limiting beliefs that were holding you back from creating the personal and professional relationships that you want, you can reignite happiness, desire, commitment and satisfaction. Time to welcome in new relationships and improve old ones.


Together we aim for your success. One of the benefits of having a coach is accountability. Depending on the stage of your journey, we may set you weekly or monthly targets for you to reach your final goal and objectives. We will also make sure that you do any other tasks that we ask you to do.

Confidence and resilience

With new skills and qualities you are set to succeed in life and business. The attributes you have developed improve emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and stress resilience. Make a lasting impression and get better results with clients, employers, team members, partners and potential partners.


Book a FREE kickstarter call with me today and you:

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  • You will get a clear strategy to achieve your outcome
  • Get a clear picture of what your next step is.
  • Find out if life coaching is the right thing for you.

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