Is this the next big thing in picking a good date when online dating?

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Online Dating is uber complicated.

I am single and have been for a long time. I am happy with where I am so no big deal. However, recently I decided I really should get into the online dating game. Because I don’t drink, I don’t go out to bars. So the modern thing is to go online and find somebody who’s respectful, and who’s good to have a conversation with. Meeting a person like that online, in general, is pretty tough since online dating often starts with a photo and a few stats. Then I noticed somebody who listed their Uber rating. I have always wondered why people mention their Myers & Briggs profile online.  But your Uber rating, now, that I believe is hugely beneficial.

Online dating is a whole different world because everybody has different ideas of what it means. Some people want “right now”, others don’t like “time wasters”. Others think they want right now, but they want a nice date. In other words, what people look for and share is different from one person to another. Anything that helps to find the gems among the masses is good.


What does your Uber rating say about you?

My uber rating is 4.97. Considering that nobody is perfect, I thought 4.97 is pretty good. First of all, perfection is hard to maintain, second of all, yes I have been grumpy with a few drivers either because I was sick or because I believed they had taken the longer route.

I believe I got my rating because in general, I am polite, engaging, friendly and sociable, sometimes a bit moody. So I say.

I got inspired to research Uber ratings by Rob (that is what his friends call him, which raised the question of what do I call him). He says that his 4.86 uber rating means he is “personable and safe”.

We did agree on one thing: People with an Uber rating of 4 or below should be instantly blocked and are no potential dates. It is clear that people with such a low rating must be awful in communicating and they are probably consistently rude and obnoxious to drivers. Who wants people like that in their life?

Research results

I decided to do some research amongst friends and colleagues.

One of my friends had a rating of 4.85. According to him, it is because he is usually quiet. He used the word “inoffensive” (sounds very similar to “personable and safe”). Another one of my friends got a 4.90 Uber rating because “he is awesome”. My thought was that if he dropped the attitude, he probably could get a higher rating. A colleague of mine said his rating is 5 ‘because he talks a lot’ and because in general “he gets along with people.” He also “likes to break down any social barriers.”

I asked another colleague. She was devastated when she found out her rating dropped from 5 to 4.94. My colleague is a self-proclaimed “Obsessive” about her Uber rating. She agreed that you shouldn’t date people with a low Uber rating, because “In general drivers rate you with a five except when you are rude or inconsiderate.”

At this time though I think that my research on what each rating says about you is inconclusive. However, I did discover what all our high scoring Uber customers have in common. They have they have a general interest in getting to know the drivers as much as possible in the time they have with them. Could the Uber rating reveal “showing interest in others” as being the key to excellent communication?

What is your Uber rating?

Coincidently, on this day that I am doing this research, I have a date in the evening. And I asked him the same question. “What is your Uber rating?”. He scored a 4.2. I don’t want to be judgemental, but it is getting close to what is unacceptable (very unscientifically proven). So I discussed this with Rob (who obviously, has thought about this a lot more than me). He believes that rating means he is “a nice guy, with a sense of adventure which is mostly respectful but has a loose side”. Who knows if Rob is right on that one?

But one thing for sure, to maintain my near-perfect rating, if after the date, we do take an Uber together, he will have to request it to make sure my rating doesn’t get affected.

Leave a comment to let me know your uber rating and what you think it says about you.