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Markus is a certified NLP Coach, Life Coach, Neuro Pathway Mapping Expert, Kinesiologist and Trainer. He is a reliable team member on your path to a happy and successful life. Ready to create your lasting legacy.

Markus van Driel first discovered the power of the mind after being introduced to The Silva Mind Control program and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) at the young age of 24. Since then, Markus has studied the impact of mindset on health, career and
relationships. And, now with emotional intelligence and mindfulness valued more and more importantly, this knowledge is more relevant to you than ever. Since his first introduction to NLP and the power of the mind, Markus has developed “Neuro Pathway
Mapping”. A strategic thinking method that lets you transform yourself, your life and your business or career, rom the inside out. Markus offers this to Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs globally with great success.

From a virtual millionaire to virtually bankrupt

As a result of the downturn in the economy, Markus faced new challenges: redundancy and bankruptcy. In fact, this experience shaped his future as he learned how to turn survival into growth. Markus learned that the answer is aligning with what some call
“The Trinity of Success.” mindset, purpose and heart. In essence, this alignment is the foundation for healthy emotional intelligence, resilience and success in your business, career and personal relationships. For years Markus has worked with professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their health and vitality. Regardless of he treatment, whether it was massage, kinesiology, counselling, training, public speaking or life-coaching. The experiences his clients shared were always the same.

Markus van Driel Thought Strategist


  • Chronic stress at work,
  • Personal relationships breaking down,
  • Feeling challenged by relationships at work,
  • Financial pressure,
  • Feeling guilty for not looking after personal health with healthy diet and exercise,
  • Unhappy with their life/ career and not understanding why,
  • Denial of their identity because of external pressures.
  • A focus on what they think is important and not what is important to them.

The conclusion is always the same: “I know I need to make changes. But I don’t know how, I feel stuck. What can I do to move forward? How can if find out what success looks like for me?”

Markus regularly featured on and has appeared in publications such as the Australian Financial Review.


Markus has a clear vision to develop, authentic leaders who understand the power of personal development. In like manner, he believes that through an in-depth inner self-awareness and strength, they can focus on building their business and supportingothers
in their team to reach their full potential. Markus believes that leaders have a desire to provide benefit to the community in which they live. Hence they aim to empower and engage their followers, to encourage their potential, growth and success. Ultimately,
Markus has the conviction that this positive impact, and the desire to pay it forward, will extend far into the community.” An expert in all aspects of individual potential and vitality, Markus frequently delivers training, workshops and presentations.
Markus works with individuals and organisation with the aim to help others find the success and freedom in what they do.


’94 Graduated
With an intention to travel the world Markus graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management. Now thanks to the internet, he coaches clients all over the world.
’10 Coaching and Practitioner
Markus completed his training in Life-Coaching, Business-Coaching, NLP Practitioner, Counseling and Kinesiology. This background gives Markus van Driel the insight to facilitate change. He has now combined these skills to create his signature coaching approach:
“Neuro Pathway Mapping”.
’12 Training and education
Solidifying his skills in training, Markus completed his Training and Assessment certification. Learning about presentation and training skills have propelled Markus to be the engaging trainer and presenter he is, creating engagement, and driving
change in organisations and individuals.


Markus van Driel has always been driven by the thought that how well you feel in life is determined by how good you feel about the life that you live. To find the answers, Markus  has done an enormous amount of formal and informal study. What Markus came to know
was the importance of being in charge of your own mind. After all, the mind controls the results you get. Not only did Markus discover that the mind and your thinking influence your success, but he also realised that the answer is a joining of modern
science and traditional Eastern Philosophies. He found the solution in a combination of NeuroScience, Epigenetics, Positive Psychology, Neuro Linguistics, Energy Modalities and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kinesiology. This discovery lead himto
combine these ideas into a new approach: Neuro Pathway Mapping. Neuro Pathway Mappi ng targets the 95% of your brain that gives rise to your unconscious habits and behaviours. It is a practical and intuitive programming and re-wiring of the mind transforming
your limiting thoughts, feelings and energy, into new thought strategies that align with your desired future.

Not taking charge of your mind will lead to limited success, under-performance and unhappiness. Master your mind to be an authentic leader and live according to your own true values.
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