I’m Markus van Driel

Coach, Mentor, Supporter

Hi, my name is Markus van Driel

This is how my journey started.

I hated myself, and I was a bully. The victim? That was me.


Yes, all throughout my teenage years, my 20s and until my mid 30's I wasn't a big fan of myself.


I used to criticise myself all the time, call myself names and, in general, didn't really value myself.


Once I realised how tiring it was, how I sacrificed my own identity in my relationship to please my partner, and how unfulfilled I was, I decided to change. And that is how my journey started.

My journey, gave me the courage

I discovered the power of the mind when self-help programs (and music) still came on cassette tapes.


I attended hundreds of training and workshops. Some would promise you instant wealth, whilst others made you rush to the back of the room to spend all the money you had, telling you you were not going to succeed without the investment.


And investing I did. I was hungry for knowledge and change.


The most empowering workshops I attended were about personal growth and development. These workshops taught people incredibly powerful techniques to succeed in all areas of life.


My training included everything from energy healing (kinesiology, reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine), to philosophy, coaching, counselling, massage, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis.


I read numerous books on a broad range of topics, such as energy healing, the law of attraction, positive psychology, the power of the mind, neuro-plasticity, anti-ageing, epigentics (nature vs nurture) all with one goal.

How to achieve sustainable results fast

What I came to discover were the skills you need to change your life.


I learned that it is important to continuously harness and control your mindset, thoughts and feelings. But how can you do that?


The answer is you have to continuously improve and balance the four quadrants that define you as a human being: spirituality, mindset, physical wellbeing and emotional intelligence.


After extensive research, I created a new approach to facilitate rapid transformation: Neuro Pathway Mapping™ 


Neuro Pathway Mapping™ targets the 95% of your brain that gives rise to your unconscious habits and behaviours.


It’s a practical and intuitive programming and re-wiring of the mind transforming your limiting thoughts, feelings and energy, into new beliefs and habits that align with your desired future.


Over the last 10 years, I have worked with a number of clients helping them succeed in their relationships and careers.

My vision for you

Love, success and happiness, that is my vision for you. And you deserve nothing less.


But in a world with online hookups and dating, staying strong is difficult. We feel constantly rejected.


And many of us have careers or relationships that leave us unfulfilled and wanting more.


Whether you're single, in a relationship or looking for more joy in your career, I want to help you discover how, with a little (self)love, everything is possible.

Tailored to you

10 Years Experience

100% LGBTQI Friendly


Different approaches but the same incredible results. Find out for yourself what approach is most suitable for you.

  • One on One Coaching and Mentoring

    Perfect if you prefer individual attention and are ready to be challenged. Most suitable for professionals looking for more reward in their career or relationships. Use what drives you to be more successful communicating and building personal and professional relationships.

  • Online Coaching and Training

    A perfect match for individuals who are on a personal growth journey. Benefit from the connection with like-minded individuals and tap into a shared consciousness for extra support and encouragement. Use these powerful techniques for the rest of your life, with an extended period of support and access to your coach.

  • Workshops and Event

    Whether online or face to face, the experience is rich and always full of practical knowledge and real life stories. Do you want to learn a new skill? Do you want a better understanding of yourself? Or do you simply want to know more about what I do and how I do it before you invest in yourself? Stay up to date by joining me on social media.


My highest rated skills, based on client and student feedback.

Coaching - 100%
Personal Growth and Development Insights- 95%
Training and Development - 100%
Engaging Workshop Facilitator - 95%


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