5 benefits you get when you decide to make a difference.

Can you make a difference?

I was very excited when I woke up last Saturday. On my LinkedIn news feed, I found an article written by Nash Billimoria on purpose. In short, it tells the story of Fink, the CEO of Blackrock, an investment bank, (and I quote), “A hardcore investment management firm with a dubious social reputation and track record.”

Fink was quoted  as saying:

“If a company doesn’t engage with the community and have a sense of purpose it will ultimately lose the license to operate”.

Do, you get my excitement?


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

The purpose movement

You see, there is a movement going on. We don’t hear about it. But none the less, it’s there, and it’s going to make the world a better place.

We hear all the bad news in the world and how the world is doomed by nuclear war and racist leaders. That can make the future look seriously dark. The first thing to remember: the great thing about us humans is, we make our own choices. That is what makes us so unique.

So the choice you have is, you either buy into the doom and gloom, or you choose a different path. Before you make that decision, you need to know what you are up against.

The alternative path is going to lead you to happiness, fulfilment and is your way to make the world a better place. That sounds like the natural choice. However, that alternative path is not as well travelled, which means it is going to be harder.

You wonder why?

Are you good enough?

In the first place, we hear all the time we can’t make a difference. Secondly, we are often made to feel that we aren’t good enough. Media keeps showing us all the horrors of the world. How often did you hear about this incredible movement of leading with purpose? Ask people what they want from their leaders and the answer is honesty, trust and authenticity. Although this may be true, it is something that many of us feel is missing in corporate leadership and politics. So to start making a difference is a challenge.

Another important point is that the average person is thinking about how they can make a difference in their own life. Make more money, find love, if they can afford the next mortgage on their next iPhone or about their promotion which is going to give them more responsibility and stress in exchange for an increase in salary.

Ask somebody how they are going to change the world, they are likely to say they can’t. But the truth is everybody can, you can.

How are you going to make a difference?

Here are the facts. If you decide you want to change the world, there is going to be resistance. From yourself, from others. While you are choosing the path less travelled most of your friends, family and colleagues will keep moving along the other path.  The journey is lonely, and there are going to be lots of bumps in the road. However, there is a way to make this journey more comfortable. Prepare yourself.

Be clear on your purpose.

I only discovered the true extent of the benefits of purpose in 2017. In fact, understanding your purpose helps you to deal with the bumps in the road. The things that stopped you from moving forward in the past become learning experiences. That way, you change the world your way. Moving forward, you will come across people who are walking the same path as you are. People with the same interests and ambitions. And suddenly instead of feeling alone, like-minded people surround you. And you end up travelling together.

Purpose is not about changing your life. It is your way to make a difference. Purpose is about reaching your potential. It is how you become the person you are meant to be. Be an authentic leader.

Here are five key benefits that you will get from leading with purpose.

Love what you do: Imagine waking up knowing that what you are going to do today is something you love. That is what if feels like when you love what you do.

Get motivated: Do you ever have those times in your life when it all just seems a waste of your time and energy. Purpose helps you stay motivated when you need it most.

Stay Focused: Do you feel stuck? Don’t know what to do with your life? A purpose will help you move forward so you can achieve fulfilment and become a leader in your chosen career.

Never waste another Sunday: You will fill your weekends with things that you love to do, activities that will inspire you. That leaves no more reasons to lose your Sunday to a hangover because now, your life is exciting.

Grow your confidence: When you live with purpose, everything will become better. You’re good at what you do. You will draw people to you and become a role model for happiness. What can purpose do for you?

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Infographic: Purpose makes your world a better place. How can you make a difference?