What is Holistic Coaching?

In simple terms, as a Holistic Coach, I guide and support you through change. Our outcome is to get you different results in life and is dependent on which coaching program you invest in.

Key Benefits

Our performance coaching program is going to give you numerous benefits:


The skills you will learn are vital qualities that will help you succeed in life and business. The attributes you develop will improve emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and stress resilience.

If you want to get better results with clients, employers, team members and potential partners, these skills are going to let you make an impression.


One of the benefits of having a coach is accountability. Depending on the stage of your journey, we may set you weekly or monthly targets for you to reach your final goal and objectives. We will also make sure that you do any other tasks that we ask you to do.

Emotional/ Reflective

Emotions can often create challenges in moving forward resulting in small daily frustrations and internal struggles. A sense of not belonging, self-doubt, feeling a loss of control. We use emotional reflection to identify these personal challenges so we can help you move forward.

Values and Beliefs

At the next level, we delve into your values and beliefs. Values and beliefs are unconscious programs that run in the background that influence the outcomes and results you get in life. At this level, we are dealing with reframing. Reframing means that we change those beliefs and values.

Unconscious and Lasting Change

Finally, we are working a lot with your unconscious. All previous benefits lead to this. Delving into the psyche takes us deep into the realms of your mind where you can develop new thought patterns and map new neuro-pathways through Neuro Pathway Mapping. Your brain has a scientifically proven ability to change neuro-pathways which means you will develop new thought strategies, letting you change your reality.

How is your Coaching structured?

We follow a specific structure throughout the performance coaching program, but it is highly adaptable to your situation and progress.

The structure highlighted below is only a rough guide to the stages we go through.

  1. The first step is to define your Purpose. We need to clarify where you are at, and what the end goal is. Are you clear on your purpose? What are your challenges? Where do you want to go? Are you ready and willing to get started?
  2. Once you’re clear on your purpose, we need to get an understanding of where you want to make improvements. This phase is about creating focus and making sure you are going to see results fast.
  3. Next step is the emotional and reflective stage. We delve into your life, significant relationships, family and career events. This step is critical because we can identify patterns in your life.
  4. Following up from the emotional and reflective phase, we are going to challenge some of these beliefs; this is your opportunity to break through your challenges and let go of whatever is no longer serving you.
  5. Next, we start to identify your values and beliefs in your focus area.
  6. With the foundations in place, we are going to focus on what happens in life and how you are dealing with the challenges that you are facing.
  7. Depending on your desired outcomes and duration of your program, we start to look at measurable targets to get you to where you want to be.

When can I start to see changes in my life and what can I expect?

Some of my clients see things change in their lives, often within weeks and some even after one session.

Benefits you’ll feel and experience include:

  • Clarity and focus.
  • Significant improvement in your self-confidence.
  • Self-awareness.
  • Increased emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and behavioural flexibility.
  • Improved decision making.

Depending on your goals, and challenges, your results are going to be different. But here is what some people have reported back often before completing the entire life coaching program:

  1. A more harmonious relationship with your partner.
  2. Better communication with parents, and siblings.
  3. Found their dream partner and established their dream life.
  4. Resilience in dealing with unexpected changes such as redundancy.
  5. Clients have used their values to negotiate job benefits (e.g. asking for flexibility to spend more time with family as part of job negotiations).
  6. Better able to handle team members and managers.
  7. Cash flow improved.
  8. New career opportunities.
  9. Promotions and increased visibility and recognition at work.

How long are the programs?

Performance Coaching

This three-month life coaching program is about developing you into the best version of your self. It is about aligning your strengths with your purpose. The total number of sessions is 10

Kinesiology – HERO Lifestyle Management

The program of five sessions is far more gentle in approach.

There is never another today like today. Are you ready now to see changes in your life? Book your FREE Introduction Session here and find out what it can mean for you.

What techniques do you use to get results with people like me?

It is important to realise that we are working toward an outcome. During the sessions, we are very active in helping you grow and develop.

I can draw from training and education in different techniques including:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Hypnosis
  • Kinesiology
  • Counselling
  • Reiki
  • And Intuitive Techniques

This approach means:

  • There is no dwelling on the problem
  • There is a focus on change and transformation
  • We target different levels for change

Who is your typical client?

My clients are mainly between 35-50 years. Often, they say they feel stuck, not sure what step to take next. There is a certain level of disappointment because, with the success they have, they were expecting to feel happier and more fulfilment. People also know this as a “midlife crisis.” In other words, they have an awareness that they haven’t reached their full potential and that they’re not sure what step to take next.

My most successful clients share some of the following traits:

  • Successful in their career.
  • A desire to make a difference in the world.
  • An ability to reflect and accept challenges.
  • A willingness to change.
  • An openness to intuition and spirituality.
  • Self-awareness about the fact that if they want to make changes, they have to start to think and act differently.

What are your payment terms?

We have direct debit options available for our Performance coaching program. You can find a link to the online Registration form under the “Common Questions” menu.

How do you conduct sessions?

I work face to face with my clients, even though some of my clients prefer to work with me remotely using Zoom. Zoom allows you to record the session so you can keep it as a reference. We can also do face to face sessions for those who live in Sydney.

Make sure to have a brightly lit room and good internet access as we will be using video, without getting disturbed by children and partners.

Do you do phone sessions?

The initial session we can do via telephone. However, coaching sessions are through  Zoom. For me to be able to see you is very important as body language and gestures are a big part of communication.

How long do sessions usually last?

Sessions last 60-90 minutes. There are a few situations where they last longer.

Where can I apply for my initial session?

You can book your first session here. At the end of the session, you will have clarity what the next step is so you can achieve it.