How to increase abundance and energy by not taking action

Sometimes, I have divinely inspired conversations with myself. These conversations are very intuitive attempts to answer life’s questions. And when I listen back to them, I am surprised about the wisdom and insight that has come through, in this post, I discuss taking action and what you need to do to increase your success.

Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

The never ending rat-race

I used to go through this frustrating cycle; I run, I get tired, I get sick, I get a cold, and I stop. (In the conversation, I meant running literally, but now it feels like it is a metaphor for constantly taking action in your life.)

At other times I am de-motivated to take action, and in general, I feel I am not achieving anything, or at least not enough. 

I think what’s stopping me from achieving more is an inability to share what I have. 

Your inability to take action

Let’s start by addressing your incapacity to take action first. 

Your inability to take action stems from your fear of sharing. Sharing has never been your strong point. Even as a child, you couldn’t share. 

The reason why you struggle to share (or step forward and become visible) comes from a belief that there’s not enough to go around. This comes from a failure to trust yourself. But it is essential that you understand that whatever you have, it is available to you in abundance.

There’s also the belief that when you share, it is not reaching people, that it’s not resonating with people. You have combined this belief with a desire to hold on to things, and to accumulate stuff. 

For you to collect things and hold on to stuff gives you value. It is not necessarily possessions that you want to accumulate, but you want to grow your power, wisdom, and strength. That behaviour comes from a need to defend yourself so that you can remain resilient and powerful. 

Do you feel that by sharing with others, you are giving away those things that define your identity, the parts of yourself that have given you your identity, strength and power?

What does letting go mean?

Letting go is like shedding a part of you that gives you your identity. It’s about setting a part of yourself free that no longer serves you. But you’re holding on to it. You are protecting yourself from the loss or discomfort you will experience. 

The key take-away? Sharing is a release, but it comes with a sense of dis-empowerment. 

Letting go is taking action and sharing what you see and what you know. Open up to people about what you do, what you’ve learned, what you have experienced and what you have created.

It’s frightening, because it leaves you with so many questions:

  • How can you recharge yourself? 
  • What does it mean to love yourself? 
  • How can you support yourself? 

Your fear is holding you back

Your fear is, that once you let things go, there is nothing left for you to you can share or give moving forward. As a result, you feel empty and unworthy, and you think you become unappealing to others. 

However, what you fail to consider is that when you let go of things, there is more room for things to grow. There’s room for your achievements to be recognised. And through that, you will learn more and release more. And that gives you the opportunity to create space for new things. 

So taking action is the same thing as releasing things. 

Taking action is not always about doing things.

Your inability to take action is based on the belief that your knowledge, your wisdom, and skills are limited, and that is based on limited understanding of who you are. 

When you start to think about how you can progress, you can begin to succeed. 

This growth happens from the ability to be infinite, to live in an unlimited world, and that is really where you need to be positioning yourself. When you take action, and you release things, you create, through sharing, and through caring. You open yourself up and hat makes you vulnerable. Two things happen. First of all, you enrich the lives of others. Secondly, by you sharing your knowledge and wisdom that you have, it allows you to release yourself from the past and it opens you up to new things arriving in. 

How to open up to growth and success

When you think about releasing things and opening up to new thing, the next questions that you have are;

  • How do I do this?
  • What do I need to do to overcome this inability to take action?
  • How do I create a space of limitlessness

You need to make the space for yourself.

The space of limitless is there where nothing is and where everything becomes. You reach this space when you feel that it’s calm and peaceful, so that you can allow the emptiness overtake where you want to be. 

So you allow the space and the emptiness to overtake who you want to be, overwriting your inability to recognise yourself as a pure human being. It’s in this space where creation happens and you can start changing habits. 

Do you have an image of what this space looks like for you? Allow yourself, to experience it and keep it simple.

Money is not the reward you are looking for

Most of you are looking for a reward in the work that you do. There is no reward for the work that you do. However, that doesn’t mean that no exchange should be taking place. We are talking about an exchange of energy, the kind of energy that lets you grow and expand so you can rise above where you are today. It’s not expecting a reward in return. Let’s be clear about this. It’s expecting a flow of energy in return. That is why people say you should not be paid for the hours that you work, but you should be paid for the knowledge that you have. Those who have that view, are closer to the truth than those who are seeking an earning potential from jobs for which they are paid for by the hour. But a more specific definition of getting paid, of being rewarded, is not an exchange where you get paid for your knowledge. 

The more accurate definition of being rewarded, is "Opening yourself up to a mutual energy flow, where you improve your energy." 

Enjoying the reward is about experiencing growth

You increase the quantity of energy when you release and share more energy. When you share more of your energy you become more vulnerable. You have to become more vulnerable to release more energy. But you will also become more powerful, and you will return a more substantial level of energy. That is how the universe works. 

A big part of living in your reality is opening up, creating, and releasing high levels of energy, that not only show you how to grow, but that will make you feel vulnerable, returning increasingly high levels of energy. 

Now, experience abundance

It’s those levels of energy that can be expressed, equally through love, wealth, money, and opportunities. Those levels of energy will result in abundance. 

So for you to take action, you need to understand the powerful energies that are in existence. For you to undertake action, you need to understand which space you need to be creating for yourself. So the advice for you is before you sit down, when you sit, before you start taking action, create yourself the space in which infinity will take place.