How to improve your mental and physical strengths

What determines our physical and mental powers?

Our bodies are made up of the physical body, and an energy field, the quality of this energy field dictates our physical and mental strengths.
Imagine a bug hitting the windscreen of your car, causing a chip. You don’t do anything with it, and after a couple of bumps in the road, this chip becomes a crack.


The same happens to your body. Our energy field gets attacked constantly: Not only emotionally through negativity, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, but also by bad food, the environment we live in and the people we surround ourselves with.

Every time our energy field gets hit with something it causes a little chip. This impacts our mental and physical strengths, but we can fix these chips.

The repair tools we have available are nutritious food, exercise, positive thoughts, meditation, visualisation, energy healing, sleep, coaching, personal development, relaxation.

The impact on our mental strengths

Many of us are out of balance, and we don’t have, or we don’t take the time to look after ourselves. The outcome is that at one point, the chip in our energy field becomes a crack and becomes visible in our physical life.

Stress, fatigue, depression, injury, accidents, negative cycles in life (e.g. around finances or relationships) are all signs that something is out of balance, and that is now impacting your physical and mental strengths.

Let’s look at some examples of how we influence our physical and mental powers by the things that we do:


If you overindulge during lunchtime, you might feel like sleeping. The quality and amount of food you’re eating is impacting your levels of energy. You may even have indulged on some junk food. The outcome is that you are feeling guilty, which is making you feel even worse. But it goes much further than that. The production of food is developing, but some healthy foods are now less nutrition than what they were years ago.


Needless to say, emotions impact your physical health. Whenever I feel stuck, my energy levels are low (link). When you feel miserable it can have a knock-on effect, you start to eat more junk food, which can make you feel guilty. People who suppress their emotions and their true self can feel tired. This happened to me when I was struggling with my sexuality. “I was emotionally tired” not physically, that is how I explained it at that time.


Self-talk is related to your emotions. If your self-talk is negative, that means negative emotions are holding you back. Every time you say something negative about yourself you cause a chip, or you make an existing chip larger. I’ve heard plenty of people say “I am only joking,” but you know, that deep down inside, precisely these words, are what they feel like.

Other People

Colleagues, friends, siblings, parents, a passerby on the street. They all impact our energy. Ever felt drained after speaking with somebody? What about that time somebody stood so close to you that you felt compelled to take a step back?

On the other hand, some people lift your energy, leaving you happy and excited. Then you have “energy vampires,” negative people who use you to recharge their batteries. They don’t do it on purpose, they probably don’t even know, but energy vampires can leave you to feel exhausted and wondering why they keep coming back to you.

Social Connections

If you live in a high rise building you know what it is like. Often you don’t even know or see your neighbours. A lack of connection with your neighbourhood, friends, family and the community can leave you feeling lonely, impacting how you feel. But also the pressure to have the latest phone, an expensive car, wearing the right label of clothing, fitting in with the right physique, feeling too old, are all examples of how your community and social network can impact your levels of energy.

Your environment

A damp house, living in a big city, the air that you breath all impact your energy.

Traumatic events

Breakups, divorces, job loss, they all cause damage to our energy.
It is evident that we can’t influence everything. If we live in a big city, we can’t control the quality of the air. If you get made redundant, it is not something you have influence over (link). In other words, we can’t always influence what happens to us. We’re also human, which means we’re not perfect.

Have you ever experienced these?

  • You would have experienced “negative” energy when you walked into a room where people just argued. Another example is when you feel tired and exhausted simply by talking to somebody, or when somebody stands so close to you, you’re compelled to step back.
  • Our language shows us how emotions impact our body: “I have butterflies in your stomach” (“Love” or “excitement” causes a physical reaction in your stomach,) we carry the world on our shoulders, and how many people do you know that suffer “stress headaches?”
    But the principles of energy goes way back

How to to impact your mental and physical strengths

The good news is that you can positively influence any dip in mental and physical powers. As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of ways to improve your mental and physical abilities.

To get a better-looking body, we see a personal trainer. To improve our business, we go to a business coach. But often we wait until something goes wrong to find out how to repair our physical and mental strengths.

Why is it that you keep struggling in some areas in your life?

Have you ever noticed that people say ‘Everything is going so well in life, except….”?

Your energies for different areas in your life are different. The variations in your energy may impact different mental powers, that is why it is possible that a successful business person may be struggling with relationships.

What we can learn from science

Let’s look at how energy impacts our daily lives. Energy is wavelengths. We all know that energy controls our lights. This energy is not the same energy as what makes our mobile phones work (different wavelengths). It works the same for us.

We may be performing well in our career, relationships or finance and we may be weak in another. The trick is to be balanced, with a primary focus to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Our mental and physical powers are dependent on the levels and quality of our energy, and you know now, how to take a truly holistic approach to develop your personal strengths.

As a holistic coach, I provide support and guidance to build foundations for sustainable personal-development and success in your career and relationship. Contact me to find out how I can help you.