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"Sydney life coach and thought strategist with purpose and heart"
I have worked with Markus over the years as a colleague as well as tapping into his amazing skills as a mentor and Thought Strategist (including Kinesiology), the work we have done together has without doubt contributed significantly to where I am today. I highly recommend having a session with him.

Jason Snaddon,
Principle and Founder of Love Property

I felt disconnected from my family and I was constantly getting sick. Things started changing almost immediately when I started seeing Markus and within six months of our final session my life’s vision fell into place. Today I have never been closer to my family and I am living life with a much greater sense of purpose. His methods truly work.
Nadiyah Hannif
Founder at Impact Humanity and Senior lecturer at UTS

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My name is Markus van Driel and I am a Thought Strategist. For 24 years now, I have been learning about and discovering the impact of mindset on health, wealth, career and relationships.

Through my Neuro Pathway Mapping life coaching program, I transform the life of successful career professionals, entrepreneurs and business 's globally from the inside out, bringing freedom and success in their lives.

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