Even Justin Bieber wants to know, how to be happy with $20 million

The impossible dream with Justin Bieber

It is 3 am Wednesday, and for some reason, I woke up trying to solve Justin Bieber’s problems. I recently read that fans were begging for an album and his response was he needs time to himself. I don’t know Justin Bieber, and I don’t know his music that well either, so I am not a fan. So why did I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about his problems?

Justin Bieber’s Divine gift

Justin, you have a gift, and you need to use it. On behalf of your real fans, I beg you: make music. But you’re right; your success can only last if you have a robust human foundation; without that strength, there will be a time you will fall like other iconic pop stars in recent times. In other words, it is essential that you strengthen yourself as a human, so kudos for doing so.

When I help people move forward from their space of feeling stuck I ask them “What would you do every day for the rest of your life if you had $20 million dollars?” After they answer, the next question is how would that change the world? What would Justin’s answer be? It would be hart to say, considering his estimated worth is $249 million.

Justin Bieber, his answer to the 20 million dollar question

I am speculating would I have asked Justin Bieber that question before he was rich and famous he would have said something like sing, support his family financially. Or maybe his focus was on becoming famous and rich.

And he has achieved all of that. Now what? Why does he need time for himself? Away from what he always dreamed about?

At the core, it’s all about Purpose, values and beliefs

In a World where it is all about fans, looks and image it can be hard to remind yourself of what matters. Even turning to God makes you look away from the person that matters: You. You have to turn inward and connect with yourself.

Whatever Justin Bieber’s motivation was, it wasn’t aligned with his purpose and values.

We all have a history that defines who we are. Family drama, going to school, religion and the world we live in all. Everybody makes choices for their future based on what they know at the time. These choices and events impact us and determine the person that we are. Our back ground and our experiences determine our values and beliefs.

If I had the opportunity, I would still ask Justin Bieber: what would you do when you have 20 million dollars in the bank? And how would that change the world in a way that is meaningful to you? What would this contribution to the world have to be to outweigh the loss of your freedom to fame?

The challenge of making the right choices

This choice is not about having happy fans (that is externally focused). Or as Michael Buble. Calls it the narcissistic nature of being a musician. What do you care most about? Animals? Family? And why? Once you know that, use your gift of music to support what you care about. That is how you can use the gift of your voice as a real gift to others in a way that has meaning to you. Happy fans and money will be a great by-product.

Times like this takes challenging your mindset and learning to trust yourself (inward focused), and once you have the answer, you can stop solving the problem and move forward towards your purpose, knowing what will be your biggest reward.

That way you can bring your most significant gift to the world supported by your music.

We all look for some divine inspiration in this world, and Justin Bieber for many that is you.

Footnote: When I woke up some of the words that I wrote down seemed to directly address Justin Bieber and I haven’t changed that, only because that is how they flowed out. Other parts I filled in later, so it might make sense to you the reader. Who knows, maybe one day, Justin Bieber will get to read the words on this page.