Sometimes it is better to do nothingN


We moved from emotions to logic and facts. It's time to move back.


Life Force Energy

Energy Depletion

Sometimes it is more important to follow your heart, than it is to listen to your brain.

​You have to listen more to your heart and your body. They have so much to tell you.

But you ignore your instincts and gut feelings, because you have learned not to trust yourself.

Don't wait for tomorrow, starting listening


Create flow in your life.


  • Your body: A tool to identify and manipulate your "life force energy".

    Your body weakens when it is subjected to negative energy, until it breaks.


    Imagine building a dam in a river. On one side, pressure is building as water floods everything as it rises. On the other side, fish disappear, and vegetation dies as the river dries up.


    The same can happen in the body: A block causes a build-up of energy, whilst other areas lack power. This energetic imbalance shows up in your life like illness, injury, accidents, stress, or life throwing curveballs at you all the time.


    Ancient practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga,  Acupuncture and meditation aim to restore energy imbalances.


    Kinesiology is a relatively new form of energy healing that borrows from TCM, Acupuncture, and many other practices.


    Kinesiology uses your body as a tool to identify what is causing your body stress by showing "a weakness" when performing a muscle test. 


    Applying a variety of non-invasive tools and methods, Kinesiology can help strengthen and rebalance your life energy.

  • Energy Healing: Transferring energy and restoring balance

    There are different schools of energy medicine: biofield energy healing, spiritual healing, contact healing, distant healing, therapeutic touch, and Reiki.


    Clinical trials have confirmed that practices such as Reiki and therapeutic touch mitigate cancer-related fatigue and improve the quality of life. 


    One of the biggest mysteries around energy healing is the impact of mental intention, which is a component of healing practices. Intention is a desired and expected outcome that guides planned actions. 


    Energy Medicine is a spiritual and vibrational healing method that restores balance. It does so by tapping into a subtle vibrational field without physical manipulation or medication. 

  • The Law of Resonance: Creating the life you desire

  • Health: Access your body's blueprint of health

    The principle of the unconscious mind is that it holds a blueprint of perfect health (every-body regenerates itself constantly).


    In other words, the unconscious mind is connected to a more expansive source of wisdom and information. By accessing the unconscious mind, you can tap into that wisdom and release thought patterns and beliefs that prevent your unconscious wisdom from accessing the blueprint of health.


    Meditation and visualisation work are two methods that accomplish this.

    To get results, the only thing you need is an open mind.


    Energy medicine works very well as the prevention of stress-related dis-ease, recovery, stress management, and it can promote healing.


    Energy medicine does not treat, cure or diagnose. If you are seeking treatment for any conditions, it is advisable to continue to do so. Some people call it "pseudo science," but I have seen the impact and change it has on people's lives and health.


    But more so, Allopathic medicine (science-based medicine) and Energy Medicine can work very well together. I highly recommend you to pursue energetic healing and coaching as a parallel to modern medicine when you are dealing with health issues.

    • Pain management. Completely gone: (tennis elbow, lower back pain, shoulder tension)

    • Improved emotional resilience

    • Communition: Less passive-aggressive and a positive change in behaviour, language and relationships

    • Courage to make life-changing decisions

    • Flow in life: New job, increased cash flow

    • Personal professional and financial, and lifestyle goals achieved.

    • Reduced stress and increased relaxation

    • Improved relationships

    You always have the choice to accept or reject the benefits.

    Yes, energy medicine can work for everybody. You may not understand how gravity works, but it still works for you. The same with Energy Medicine and Healing. 

    • I have done kinesiology with bodybuilders who didn't believe how weak their muscles were under stress and pressure.
    • I have worked with rational and analytical people who lack any belief in energy healing or spirituality.

    I have seen many sceptics convert.


    However, some people find it challenging for a few reasons that are easy to overcome.

    • You reject the feelings/ emotions/outcomes that come up because "it doesn’t make sense" 

    • Trust: You don’t trust the process (often a sign of fear, insecurities and a resistance to surrendering to the unconscious mind)

    • You don’t listen to the guidance given by your practitioner

    • You start to second guess the process or rationalise the process

    • You don't take responsibility for your actions and behaviours (lack of accountability)

    • Your resist changing or adapting the way you work


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