How to use power poses to boost your success

A power full morning with Amy Cuddy

Last week I attended a talk with Amy Cuddy. I first discovered her on Ted, the famous platform for speakers. This is where I first learned about power poses.
I often speak to people how mindset leads to behaviours and outcomes. Amy adds an extra layer, a new starting point. An element that allows you to influence your success: your body and posture.

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How to be more successful using intuitive decision making

If you like chocolate bars, you know how to be successful.

Life is like a box of chocolates. If you are a movie fan, you most likely know this famous quote from the movie Forrest Gump. As a matter of fact, even if you aren’t, you would have had to be living under a rock not to know this quote. Forrest Gump’s take is that you […]

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How are personal boundaries limiting your success?

Break down barriers and reach your potential.

Personal Boundaries You know what it is like. During a meeting somebody makes a comment about your work and instantly your defense systems come up. You cross your arms and in a passive aggressive tone you say something like “You are wrong”. Or you partner is challenging you and you cut them of with a […]

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How to use nutritional awareness and experience vitality.

How does food make you feel?

I always pay attention to how food is effecting my mood and my body. As a part of my nutritional awareness I focus on how I feel after eating certain foods. I have learned a long time ago that food is not just about nutrition it is also about emotions. We all need to indulge […]

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The Law of Attraction is dead.

Learn a new way of thinking.

The Law of Attraction Last week I discovered that the law of attraction is dead. I was meditating (on the bus) and suddenly the words came to me “The Law Of Attraction Is Dead”. I was really surprised, and confused. But it all made sense to me. The Law of Attraction is Disempowering I know I have […]

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How to clear your mind

Papers piling up, ironing not getting done. Simple things not being cleared away. All signs of stress and overwhelm. So look around. How messy is your house? Clutter can cause stress. Furthermore, if you are stressed, it is likely that this is reflected in the clutter around you. In other words, what your house (and wardrobe) look like, […]

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