How to be a bright light in a world of fear

A world filled with misery

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Follow the news and you will get bombarded with murder, mass shootings, sexual abuse and environmental doom. Add in presidents that seem to be willing to destroy any goodwill and friendships that exist in the world and dictators and politicians around the world who create division as a way of tearing communities and relationships apart.

It can be overwhelming and it may leave you feeling powerless. How can you, as an individual impact the world on a global scale?

I sometimes ask myself these questions: What can I do to make the world a better place? How can I help people that I don’t even know?

It is overwhelming to ask yourself these questions. Finding the answer is even harder.

The simple answer is: Forget about everybody else and create a better life for yourself. I am not talking about a better job, a bigger car and more money. I am talking about growing your own happiness and energy to positively influence those around you.

Turn inward and make the change

There are seven steps to go through with far-reaching effects.

1. Awareness

This is where it starts. Listening to your thought, acknowledging what is and what isn’t working in your life.

2. Start making changes

Take a holistic approach to your life. Deal with negative thoughts, transform, strengthen and improve the quality of your energy in those areas that don’t work. Learn to love yourself and start to experience what it is like to feel good about yourself and your life. This is about connecting to a new and positive self-image.

3. Results

Here is what is going to happen. You start to feel better about yourself, you gain confidence, and you get clear on what really matters to you. Once you connect with your core self, your soul, your authentic self whatever you want to call it, you will start to feel better.

4. Change your reality

They often say we create our own reality. I believe that too. You will see changes in health, wealth, career and relationships. In all of these areas, maybe in one.

With your better self-image, your energy changes and you’ll start to attract more positive people. More opportunities start to come your way.

You will also notice that some of your friends are beginning to drag you down, they want to hold you back, they don’t want you to change.

You have a choice to make. Do I let go of these friends or do I sacrifice my happiness and my future to stay friends with them? You probably end up having arguments, you may fall back on old habits. You may start to feel lonely, isolated and you may have a feeling that you’re not achieving anything and wonder why you ever thought you could create a better life for yourself.

I never said it was easy.

5. But things keep changing

You get more opportunities that are aligned with what you want. Maybe a new, better partner comes into your life. Your energy increases. Back pain disappears, you may become more focused on healthy eating, and you find the courage to exercise. You start to communicate more positively. I have seen it all happen. You become stronger and more confident, and you notice how your thoughts are moving from self-destructive to self-supporting.

People start to compliment you, they wonder why you look so calm and relaxed. Your boss notices you and believes you deserve a promotion, increased cash flow, marriage I have seen it all happen.

6. There is no way back

As I said, the transition can be tough. At times you want to go to where you came from, back to the comfort zone. Back to where you felt this pain, hurt and stress that you are so comfortable with. Suddenly you realise you can’t you’ve learned too much. You’ve gained so much and why would you want to sacrifice this progress for something less?

7. You start making an Impact

People are drawn to you. Your newfound, inner peace is infectious. People want to know what you’ve done. People feel inspired to change. Like a pebble that is thrown into the water, you create a ripple effect and People around you start to transform, or they feel happier because you are a better version of yourself.

Slowly you are making an impact on the world. You may even inspire somebody to go on the same path of growth and change. Now there are two people, generating a positive change in the world.

That is how you can change the world: Connect with your true self to create a positive self-image.

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