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Hi, My Name Is Markus,

I’m a Mindset Performance Coach and an Energy Healer for successful men who are motivated to grow their success and influence. But too often we get stuck. I am here to change that!

The world needs people like you: Leaders that understand how important it is to look after themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually, so they can be stronger in leading, supporting and empowering those around them.

We have something in common: To make the world a better place for ourselves AND for those around us, doing something that we LOVE to do.

I believe that every man on this planet has a PURPOSE that he is MEANT to fulfil! I am here to make that happen.

Change starts with a small step

What are you struggling with?

Feeling Stressed

You are feeling so overwhelmed and you are in no position to make any decisions.

Unsure what to do next

You have no idea what is going to give you the happiness that you crave.

Feeling Disconnected

You feel something is missing from your life and you can’t put your finger on it.

Master The Trinity of Success



Take charge of your mind. The first thing to learn how to control is your mindset. The self-talk, the self-criticism, the inability to relax. Your mind is a powerful tool that influences the results you see in your life.

strength, purpose


Purpose will help you stay focused. It reduces stress and it brings fulfillment. But above all the benefits you get from having purpose, it is about providing benefit to others, doing something YOU love to do.

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Adding heart into your pursuit of success brings in compassion, spirituality and self-awareness, improving emotional intelligence as well as higher cognitive faculties such as attention, perception, memory, and problem-solving.


“I have worked with Markus over the years as a colleague as well as tapping into his amazing skills as a mentor and Thought Strategist (including Kinesiology), the work we have done together has without doubt contributed significantly to where I am today. I highly recommend having a session with him. “ — Jason S.

“I felt disconnected from my family and I was constantly getting sick. Things started changing almost immediately when I started seeing Markus and within six months of our final session my life’s vision fell into place. Today I have never been closer to my family and I am living life with a much greater sense of purpose. His methods truly work.” –Nadia H.

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