Markus van Driel

Markus van Driel

Wellness Practitioner and Trainer

Markus learned the importance of mind over matter as a teenager. He was taught how to change thoughts and beliefs through Silva Mind Control and NLP. Over the last 20 years he has researched the impact of negative thoughts, emotions, nutrition and relationships on the body, general health, wellbeing and aging.

Markus has lived and worked in The Netherlands, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland and now Australia, in a career as diverse as Hotel & Catering Management, IT Consulting, Photography, Training & Education, Fitness, Coaching and Public Speaking. With his passion for health and education, Markus uses coaching to give people the skills to create a healthier and more abundant life. Markus is one of our Licensed Food Coaches at Downsize Me.

The programs are powerful and life-changing. They combine passion for mind, health, nutrition and body into a philosophy of health and wellness. Using contemporary mind development tools such as NLP and coaching, with energy based therapies such as Reiki and Kinesiology. Results can be noticed after only one session.

These success stories can be yours.

  • Find a partner and get married
  • Change job/ career and double your income
  • Overcome fear of public speaking/ performing
  • Save enough money to pay for your dream holiday
  • Improved relationships both privately and professionally
  • Get renewed focus
  • Increase your confidence in all areas of life

Enjoy the journey towards achieving your goal and above all, enjoy all that the universe provides your.


Markus van Driel


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