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Releasing the charge

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Releasing Stress

Using your body as a biofeedback tool we identify and correct energetic imbalances in three core areas that may cause pressure on your health and performance:
Physical, emotional and biochemical.

Using non invasive, safe and gentle techniques, kinesiology is an effective health care system combining wisdom from Western and Eastern philosophies.

Product Description

Kinesiology is a powerful approach to achieving healthy relationships, a healthy body, a positive self image and a rewarding life.


The background

Kinesiology is based on Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles (such as acupuncture). It originated from the field of Chiropractic and has since been adopted to many different purposes. TCM looks at energy of the body through the strength of meridians . Energies get recharged (like a battery) using Chiropractic techniques and various other techniques from different cultural backgrounds and modalities.


Key Principles of Kinesiology

Consider these key principles when considering whether kinesiology is right for you:

  • Kinesiology uses a technique called muscle testing, identifying any energetic imbalances throughout your meridian system
  • Energetically your body always knows what is best for you
  • Your body and its muscles hold stress and emotions which can lead to ill health
  • Positive thinking can change your life and health and is a teachable skill
  • Kinesiology is not meant to replace any medical treatment that is required. It adds value!
  • Every-body has an innate healing power. Kinesiology stimulates this power to improve healing

What are some of the facts?

  • We work with the flow of energy through your meridians following the principle of  Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our desired outcome is to balance and regulate energy flow which may reduce symptoms of whatever it is happening and facilitate speedier recovery.
  • Since the focus is on energy flow, it does not cure, treat or diagnose. Therefore it is important you meet with your GP or another qualified health professional. Regularly visiting a wellness practitioner is a great tool as part of a lifestyle program that reduces your chances of getting ill by, managing stress and balancing your body’s energy. When you do have health problems, I recommend you speak to both a doctor and see your local Wellness Practitioner.
  • When you want to make an important decision, kinesiology can give you an indication whether the decision causes you stress, however kinesiology can’t help you decide what to do or predict the consequence of the decision. Once a stress has been identified we can apply different strategies to reduce or maybe even eliminate that stress.
  • Kinesiology looks at pain and tension in your body from an energetic perspective and sees it as an imbalance of energy. We can’t heal the pain, but we balance the (over/ under) energy that is involved with that pain. This balancing of energy often leads to reduction of pain and quicker healing times.
  • Food and supplements is used as a way to keep your energy in balance. It is always your choice what to do. When in doubt always refer to health professional and specialists such as a nutritionist or your GP.

I was skeptical. After my first visit to Markus I couldn’t sleep and had the most vivid dreams. After only three sessions I could see a significant improvement in my confidence and even more surprisingly in my cash flow (Paul)

Life - Are you ready to commit to making changes in your life?

Leadership Breakthrough, Perth, Life Coaching, Business Coaching

Leadership Breakthrough

A breakthrough coaching session lets you create new strategies and new ways of thinking. Let go of personal limitations and fears about the past and future.

Product Description

The Leadership Breakthrough most of all, creates new strategies and new ways of thinking. Furthermore it eliminates personal limitations and fears. There is only one requirement. You have to believe that you can improve success.

  • First of all we assess where you are at.
  • We Discover what’s holding you back.
  • We eliminate negative thoughts and behavourial patterns.
  • You uncover your personal values and create a vision for your future.
  • Shift your mindset to a higher level and as a result gain control in all areas in life.
  • Get motivated and therefore become a top performer.
  • Experience personal growth while eliminating procrastinating.
  • Because you attract opportunities you will increase your income and business.
  • Get an understanding of your personal boundaries and turn them into personal strengths.

The Coaching Approach

Personal development, personal and career finished growth, success, progress, motivation and potential concepts. Coach provides premium coaching in perth and mount lawley

Authentic Leadership Program

The Coaching Approach is for those who like to experience the benefits of working towards success over a prolonged period of time. This program uses Mind Management and Neuro Pathway Mapping principles, providing additional support from 3-12 months. It  includes regular breakfast meetings (one on one or as part of a group) providing an option for sharing ideas and learning in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Product Description

The Authentic Leadership Program

The Authentic Leadership Program is guaranteed to create change in life, career,relationships,finances and business.  This long term success program builds on Mind Management and Neuro Pathway Mapping principles. It also has the benefit that your coach holds you accountable. against agreed milestones and targets over an extended period of time. In addition to developing new strategies, you will develop new ways of thinking.  Hence, you are guaranteed to achieve your desired goals.

In this program you get our full commitment and support transforming challenges into key strengths maximising your  success:

The Authentic Leadership Program means better decision making, improved performance and achieving desired outcomes. You become more confident and relaxed. You will see changes in yourself, your health and your professional and personal relationships.

Driven by your personal Vision

Whilst we work towards a particular goal in one area of your life, you will get results in all areas of your life, career and business. You will develop a different mindset and build a toolbox of internal and external resources that you can utilize at any stage of your life, relationships, career and business providing you confidence and assurance that you are in charge of positive results in life.

Expect the the following outcomes and more:

  • Develop Authentic Leadership Skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Cognitive Resonance.
  • Understand where you are now and where you want to go.
  • Measure your success against agreed key performance indicators.
  • Learn and apply techniques to reduce stress and to become more efficient.
  • Increased confidence in multiple areas of you life.
  • Quickly overcome resistance to success..
  • Feel confident and relaxed about your  bright new future.
  • Align your values with what you really desire.
  • Achieve balance and results giving you happiness.
  • Learn advanced techniques and consequently accelerate success in all areas in your life.
  • Your influence grows and as a result team performance will improve.