About me

The journey to become who you are meant to be

At the age of 23 I discovered the power of the mind after being introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). And the last 24 years I have learned about, and discovered the impact of your mindset on health, career and relationships. And with emotional intelligence counting for up to 85% of your success this knowledge is more relevant to you now than ever.

In my early thirties, I lived the “perfect” life in London. I owned multiple properties and had a highly-paid career in IT. But underneath that surface of success and abundance, I’d lost my identity.

I was ready to discover myself and had a desire to achieve my potential. I invested my life savings into developing new skills in coaching, natural health, Neuro Linguistic Programming and public speaking whilst continuing my career.

Since then, I have developed  “Neuro Pathway Mapping”, a strategic thinking method. Along with my signature Authentic Mentoring Program, I offer this to Business Owners, Directors and CEO’s globally.

This intuitive program gives personal meaning to your career and business. It shows you how to reach your leadership potential because it increases skills vital to your emotional intelligence and career success: Self-awareness, Self-management, Empathy and Social skills. With reduced stress, increased passion and motivation you improve your health and vitality and increase your overall passion and motivation.

After years of personal discovery and growth and with the downturn in economy I faced two new challenges: redundancy and bankruptcy.

At one point I struggled paying my rent. However, I channeled my energy into using my new skills and discovered something about myself. Because of this, I learned that self-awareness and being a strategic thinker lets you influence the outcome of stressful external circumstances. This experience was a turning point. I stopped asking the question “What  do you have to do”, I started paying attention to “Who do you have to be.”

I believe the answer is aligning mindset, purpose and heart. Or in other words, “The Trinity of Success”. This alignment is the foundation for strong emotional intelligence and success in your career and personal relationships.

My content

For years I have worked with people to improve their health and vitality through massage, kinesiology and life coaching. And they all shared the same stories with me: work stress, difficult relationships at work, financial pressure, guilt for not looking after the body with healthy diet and exercise and a rejection of their personal values. The question were always the same. “How can you change your life”.  And “What can you do so you no longer have to feel guilty and stressed?”

For this reason I focus my writing on personal development, spirituality, thought strategies, leadership and health. I also regularly feature on 101businessradio.com.au you can check here for future appearances.

My Goal

It is my goal to help you discover and develop your leadership potential. Through purpose and vision I we align your “Trinity of success” uncovering your “true self”. If you consider yourself a leader, and if are ready to uncover the potential in others through wealth and service, than working with me is for you.

I use my Neuro Pathway Mapping system combined with the mentoring program to do just that.

An expert in all aspects of leadership potential and vitality, I frequently deliver keynote presentations to organisations aimed at helping others find fulfillment in what they do. If you would like to attend one of my events, check out my dates here.

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