3 ways to handle conflict as an authentic leader

There are different ways to handle conflict. You can go with the flow, or you can go against the flow. During one of my Authentic Leadership KeynoteEvents, I asked an attendee in which direction they would row if I put them in a canoe in a rapidly flowing river? Most people would say with the flow. However, they would choose to row against the flow.

I was feeling tired already, with a sense of not getting anywhere. On the other hand, I realised, the point the attendee made was very valid.
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Preventing stress and burnout

We all start our career with enthusiasm. We all have expectation of what success looks like. But we often don’t know the link between Authentic Leadership and Vitality

But let’s be honest…. we start with a dream, and regrettably, along the way, we get distracted and discouraged.

If you are serious about living by your own rules, you need a different approach.

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Date: 06/28/2017
Time: 19:00-21:00 p.m
Event: Event: Discovering the link between Authentic Leadership and Vitality
Topic: Discovering the link between Authentic Leadership and Vitality
Venue: Technology Park Function Centre
Location: 2 Brodie-Hall Drive
Bentley (Perth), WA 6102
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Connecting the Disconnect

101 Business Radio interview

101 Business Radio Feature Interview

When you know your vision, sooner or later, amazing things will happen. Like when I  met Michael from 101 Business Radio.  After all, it is  truly great, when you get the opportunity to explain to a large audience what you vision is. So here it is: my first radio interview.

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All you need is a different focus