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Wouldn’t you say that the most important element of your car is the engine? It drives everything, without an engine you won’t get far. True? Yet, you don’t let the engine decide what route to take from a to b. You rely on the driver. And this is where the body is just like a car, so let’s shift your mindset.

Your body is the same as a car. It has an engine (the brain) and a driver (the heart). So it would make sense that, since the brain is the engine of your body (it regulates breathing, heartbeat, hormones, etc.) we would not let it decide the best route to take us from a to b. Yet most of us do.

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 The latest mind hack discoveries

In this interview with Michael from, I discuss the latest ideas on how to shift your mindset. We are exploring  questions around success: how do we define it and why we so often, measure it by our six or seven figure salary, the size of our car and our house. Let’s face it, we live in a society that is focused on externals. And as a result, we often value more what others say and what we can see around us than what is true for ourselves.

Listen to this interview if you are ready to change your mindset.  True authentic leadership comes from living according to your personal values by aligning what I call “The Trinity of Success”.

In this interview I discuss some of the latest discoveries I have made around how to shift your mindset.

Listen in and shift your mindset:

  • Find out why acting selfish is the new selflessness,
  • Discover your inner driver that takes you safely from a to b,
  • Why looking after yourself is the most important thing you can do,
  • Understand why you should start today aligning the trinity of success.

Start to apply these lessons and start to shift your mindset and as a consequence you will start creating a stronger future. When you act from a place of authenticity you start to attract people who are drawn to your confidence and trustworthiness. Can you imagine what that would mean for your business?

Date: 04/21/2017
Time: 01:00-01:30pm
Appearance: How to shift your mindset (Repeat)
Outlet: 101 Business Radio
Location: Perth,WA
Format: Radio

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