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Welcome to my website where I share my approach to Authentic Living and Authentic Leadership.
Hi, My name is Markus I am a Thought Strategist and Neuro Pathway Mapping Expert. I would like to partner with you you on your journey towards an adventurous, simple and sustainable approach to a successful life.

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Supporting Rising Leaders in business and community

Do you want to get recognised as a leader? Define your purpose and start living your truth. Take charge of your career and relationships. Stay strong and be convinced. Know what you do will leave a positive and lasting legacy on the world. People will notice you. People will listen to what you have to say. You are a leader, start today.
  • Speaking and Events

Are you looking to inspire your employees or your conference attendees? Motivate your team to find purpose in their life and career and turn it into success. Speaking is a great tool to reach and engage your audiences.

  • Coaching

Are you a confident leader in your own business or in an organisation? You feel that despite your achievements, you haven’t reached your success? Discover what success means to you and implement new strategies to make it happen.

  • NLP Practitioner Training

Feeling stressed? Struggling to get reach your goals? Are you a leader on the rise? Learn the tools to build resilience, master your mind and influence others, making yourself a more attractive and influential leader.


Training thought strategies for A MORE CONFIDENT AND SUCCESSFUL YOU!


NLP Practitioner Training

Get familiar with basic NLP skills, Patterns and techniques and apply them for success in business, sales, training, personal development and coaching

  • Develop instant rapport and influence others creating more win win situations
  • Create a positive mindset and turn opportunities into success
  • Build better relationships with family, clients and colleagues
  • Master your mind instead of your mind controlling you and take charge of your life with confidence
  • Challenge and change your unwanted behaviours and beliefs
  • Live by your own rules and be the person you are meant to be

Neuro Pathway Mapping: Thought strategies to take charge of your mind

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Personal Development


“I have worked with Markus over the years as a colleague as well as tapping into his amazing skills as a mentor and Thought Strategist (including Kinesiology), the work we have done together has without doubt contributed significantly to where I am today. I highly recommend having a session with him. “ — Jason S.

“I felt disconnected from my family and I was constantly getting sick. Things started changing almost immediately when I started seeing Markus and within six months of our final session my life’s vision fell into place. Today I have never been closer to my family and I am living life with a much greater sense of purpose. His methods truly work.” –Nadia H.
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